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Solar Power FAQs

If you have questions about solar power technology, we are here to help. Contact Sherwin Solar Store with any further questions and get started with a FREE estimate and onsite evaluation with us. 

What Is The First Step In Obtaining Solar For My Home Or Business?

Homeowners, business owners, and contractors can start with a FREE onsite consultation. We will then determine the solar resource available and the amount of electricity you use and seasonal patterns of usage. 

We will also identify the potential placement for your solar electric system and find ways you may be able to conserve electricity or upgrade your home to be more efficient.

Will I Still Have Power During A Power Outage?

Inverters are designed to automatically turn off in the event of a power outage to protect any line workers who may be working for the utility company. To maintain power during an outage, you will need batteries for your system. Sherwin Solar Store will design and install a battery system based on your needs.

Some inverters have their own built in power supply which can provide a small amount of electricity during an outage, but this is only true if there is sun shining at the time.

What Are The Warranties?

Many solar panel manufacturers offer a 25-year warranty and inverter manufacturers offer a 5 - 12-year warranty with the option to extend the warranty. Sherwin Solar Store offers you a 1-year installation warranty with the option to extend it into a service agreement.

What Type Of Maintenance Is Required?

In the winter months, the solar panels will require protection. Some sunlight will hit the panel through the snow. Snow will melt faster from the panels and it can also be wiped off of the panels with a soft roof rake. 

Beyond this, solar panels require little maintenance. Some monthly monitoring is suggested to confirm the system is working and producing power as expected.

What Is The Payback Period On My Solar Investment?

Due to current tax incentives and solar production credits, you can expect your solar system to make you money in as little as 9 years. Your solar system starts saving you money on day 1 with reduced energy bills, carbon footprint, and energy dependence.
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