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Why Choose Solar?

Solar panels

Why Choose Solar Energy?

Utilizing solar power is not only affordable and good for the environment but it will make you money! Let the team at Sherwin Solar Store help you save money on utility bills with a complete solar panel system. We do the entire electrical hookup from start to finish so you can enjoy the many benefits of solar power in your property.

Investing in a solar electric system can save time and money in the long run. You will also increase your home's value and reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and eliminate your carbon footprint. Solar panels are becoming an increasingly affordable option for homes, so you can feel good about investing in solar power.

Renewable Energy System In Your Home

Solar power is a renewable energy source which can be used to supply some or all of your home's electric power. Sherwin Solar Store will work with you from concept to completion to install and connect your solar system. 

Whether you are off the grid (without utility power) or connected to the grid (conventional utility power), our grid-tied system allows you to sell any excess power your system produces so you can earn more money.
Roof solar panels

Combine Technology For Full Power

PV technologies are efficient to combine with solar power to capture both indirect and direct sunlight to create electricity. Small PV systems offer a cost effective power supply in locations where power may be not received through power lines or if it is overly expensive.

While Vermont's summers are shorter than some other areas of the country, with the use of PV and solar power, you can easily and affordably generate your own energy. 

Heat water and use your air conditioner with our efficient solar panel technology which can be combined with solar PV and heat pumps. Ask about the technology you can use on your property. We carry U.S. made solar panels and manufacturers' warranties are available.
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